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Need help getting a loved one home? Don't let them spend the night behind bars. Call Rasberry Bail Bonds today. We can help you post a 10% bond in Wyoming & Grand Rapids, MI. There is no bond amount too large or crime too severe. You can rely on our bail bondsman to get you the money you need fast so that your loved one can be home as quickly as possible.

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What are 10% bonds?

Many courts in Wyoming, Grand Rapids, MI and the surrounding area require a 10% bail bond. If you need help, visit Rasberry Bail Bonds today. A 10% option, is part of the bail set by the Judge. It is typically set as $10,000/$1,000; $25,000/$2,500 or other obvious examples. It allows you to post the 10% cash bail, as an alternative to posting the full amount by bond.

The true benefit to this type of bail is the fact that by posting the 10% option, you are using your own money to post the bail, which you will get back at the conclusion of the case so long as you do nothing to forfeit the bail.
You can use Rasberry Bail Bonds to post a 10% also. We would charge you just 1/4 of the bond about for a 10% bond!
Example: a $10,000/10% bond would cost you $250 through Rasberry Bail Bonds instead of $1,000. The difference is the fee you pay the Bondsman does NOT get returned at the conclusion of the case.

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